Dance Programs

Feel free to choose your own program, make personal request or ask for more.

All following programs are based on Anya's professional knowledge and experience.

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Dance Courses

for Children, Teens, and Adults

If you are experienced enough - Make your own Dance Show

and Perform with Anya

First – second year of dance school:

  • International Standard and Latin American dances (adaptive program for any level);
  • Social dances (foxtrots, waltzes, salsa, meringue, rumba; in lines and in couples);
  • Disco, Street Dance, and Club Latin;
  • Flamenco (choreography, kompas, zapateado, etc.);
  • Russian national ballroom dance program, which was popular till 1991 as “Soviet program”. (Polka, Russian Dance, Rilio, etc.)

Professional ballroom dancers:*

  • Classification of basic syllabus (International Standard & Latin dance programs);
  • Mechanics of movement;
  • Some ways of creative work within your partnership (Methods of Dance Movement Therapy).

    *Anya's Definition: "Professional Ballroom Dancer is a person who dances no less than 6 hours per week, performs or competes, takes yoga/dance choreography/other activity, and still thinks that it is a FAVORITE HOBBY."



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