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Anya & some students

Good Morning Oregon. Fox 12 News on Lazar & Alena Win, April 18, 2013

Lazar & Alena USA Dance National Champions in Pre-Teen Silver and Bronze Standard and Latin 2013, Los Angeles, USA

Judging World Latin and Youth 10 Dance Championships at Baltic Grand Prix 2012, Latvia

Judging World Under 21 Ten Dance Championships 2012, Latvia

Judging Spanish Open to the World Championships 2012, Spain

William & Erinn USA Dance National Champions 2011 in Youth Gold Latin & Standard

Judging World Standard Championship Grand Slam at Bassano Open 2010, Italy

OPB Documentary on Ballroom Dance Grant in Public Schools "Ballroom Kids" 2009

Dance Is Life. About Anya's work with college students, 2009

Anya and student's Tango showcase, 2010

"Six Steps of proficiency", Coaching Project for DanceSport, Russia, 2007

"Kids dancing" preview to Anya's Russian Coaches Training DVD Program, 2006

Developing Dance and Partner Skills "Varu Varu", Video Lecture, 2006

"Kids and Social Dancing for DanceSport", Video Lecture, Russia, 2003



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